The Anachronism @ Webster hall!

It just gets easier, right?  My second fashion show- Everything went wrong the day of, but once again by some miracle, and some last minute hussle, everything fell into place and when off fabulously.  Once again I could not have done it without my amazing team!

Models: Christina Leonis,  Anne Roig, Xenia Kramida, Marc Robinson, and myself.

Makeup & Styling: Christina Leonis

Photography: Gerardo J. Flores, Marc Robinson, Robert Smith, and more!

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FaeryCon in Baltimore!

I’m always eager to return to the land of the Fae!   Hillary and I were there to represent.   I was delighted to meet many old friends and patrons from years ago and worlds away, and to greet the shiny new ones!   Until our paths cross again,



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The Epic Update

Kelly, where ever have you been?

O- where to begin!   These photos shall recall what my words and my mind can not!

Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk Fashion Show!

Where was I in october?  With nothing more than a scattering of needles, a duct-tape maniquin, and lumps of thrift-shop rags, I was teaching myself how to design Fashion!   It was a long hard couple of months setting off a chain-reaction of miracles.  Some earnest prayers and sleepless nights, we made it happen!   I owe so much it to my team, my models, my muses, my saints!

Fashions and accesories: Myself

Makeup and Styling: Christina Leonis, Zarah Ivins, and her team.

Models:  Christina Leonis, Marc Robinson, Hillary Dracovitch, Tara Robsinson, and Myself

Sales Team: Xenia Kramida and Robert Smith

Photographers: Amy Fisher, Michael Gwilliam, and more!


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Brooklyn Flea @ One Hanson!

On Sunday August 8th  K&K returns to Brooklyn Flea @ One Hanson!

New York Times describes it as “One of the great urban experiences in New York!”  The hip and eclectic Brooklyn Flea is the perfect shady sunday diversion.   This place is truly grand!  Come explore a labyrinth of vintage and antique treasures, meet inspiring local artists and craft people, and myself well of course!

Come find my Cabinet of Curiosities!   Mention this post and get a free cupcake!!

(Just a handful of relics from my latest collection, yours to discover.)

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A phantasmagoria is a story of changes.  It is a living, dying, flowering thing of wonder…

Here are some dreams of the past.    Join me as I look forward to a strange and glorious future.

Artifacts by Kelly Kotulak.  Photography by Kelly Kotulak and Michael Gwilliam.


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Midsummer Night’s Dream- The NY Faerie Festival, and other updates…

K&K returned to land of the Faeries for another magical event- New York Faerie Fest! As soon as we arrived we were greeted by an atmosphere of joy and enchantment which flowered throughout the weekend.   This place breathed magic- A stream murmured behind our tent, meandering down from the pools and waterfalls that flanked the hamlet path, and every where there were gardens, craftspeople, stories, songs, and dance- And I’m describing this in words because  I just discovered that my camera card has died.   Alas!   You folks are so beautiful- so full of light and wonder and wildness- Thank you for sharing that with us!     If anyone has any photos to share, send them my way!  I’ll try to borrow a few from face book meanwhile.

In the meantime, roving photographer Steve Schultz sent us these pictures to remind us how adorable we are!  Awww. Thanks Steve.  These were taken at Spoutwood back in May.



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Wonderland Photoshoot

Hello my dear squidlets and starlings, Kristin here, reporting on a most fantastic photo shoot with the one and only Michael Gwilliam.  Michael came out to my family’s house on Tuesday with the lovely and talented Christina Leonis in towe, and together we had rather magical adventures in the woods and rivers near my house. It was a marvellous day, and I quite enjoyed meeting and working with Christina (who we will certainly be working with again) as well as holding the big shiny taco thing to reflect light onto the models. This shoot also stars my sister Maria Costa, as our little Alice-and-her-architectural-conundrums, and our own Kelly Kotulak, as the ever stoic rosebush, painting herself red.

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Enchanted Menagerie

For those who can't make it up to the Faery Fest on Friday June 25th, come see my fashion show animalia in Manhattan!


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June Calender!

Its Kelly here, ready to pounce upon another eventful month- Rawr! Brace yourselves!

June 12th: Brooklyn Flea at Fort Greene

New York Times describes it as “One of the great urban experiences in New York!”  The hip and eclectic Brooklyn Flea is the perfect sunny saturday diversion.   An inviting festival atmosphere and a fine menagerie of vendors that we are proud to count ourselves among!   K&K makes it’s Brooklyn Debut there on the 12th!

Sorry, cancelled!  But we shall meet you soon, Fort Greene!

June 13th: Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson

The sunday market is housed in one of Brooklyn’s most magnificent historical buildings- Come explore a labyrinth of vintage and antique treasures, meet inspiring local artists and craft people, and us as well of course!

June 14th: Wonderland Photoshoot with Michael Gwilliam

Continuing our Adventures in Wonderland!   A future fashion editorial for Beyond Fantasy magazine.

June 25th-27th: NY Faerie Festival: A Midsummer’s Dream

Kuriouser & Kuriouser returns to Faerieland for A Midsummer’s Dream!

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The Brass Menagerie

Greetings all- To account for the weeks I’ve been locked away in my studio, here is a peek at new shadowbox collection, “The Brass Menagerie,” an exhibit of otherworldly relics and mythical beasts rendered in brass and preserved under glass.   Photography by Scott Grimando.

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